I remember at an early age what calling people names could do to someone. When we are called names it can sometimes have an adverse reaction for the name caller, depending on the the name used.

We often called people who wore glasses “4 eyes”. Because the 2 eyes they were born with was unable to see clearly, thus requiring external assistance for corrected vision…

As we get older we would soon realize we need additional eye exams to keep our vision correct.

Once examined we realize how beneficial it can be to be four eyes.

In addition to using our eyes for our vision we also enjoy sharing what we see to others.

When we share what we are able to see to others it will make them 4 eyes also.

They will become IGNITED! INSPIRED! INFLUENCED! IMPACTED to see great things in themselves and others.

I want to you all to see in yourself what I see in you.

Yes! You may see yourself in the battle of your life.

But I want you to keep fighting until your victory is won.

Keep fighting, praying, fasting, pressing, progressing, moving, reading and believing.
Keep trusting, trying, travailing, living, giving, and going.

I see you victorious and walking in in your purpose.

Keep using your 4 eyes because it ain’t over, until your victory is won.