There are too many of us, if we are not careful will suffer from what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called a “paralysis of analysis”. Basically, we miss out on great opportunities and miracles by overthinking a situation, circumstance, position, place or condition. Then, many of us will not proceed in our journey, destination and purpose because something doesn’t make sense and/or we don’t understand.

Some of you may be familiar with this example of something we do and we don’t understand. Many of us eat pizza, right? Why is it that a round pizza come in a square box and it is sliced into triangles? I don’t know either but I won’t spend too much time thinking about it either because I like my pizza hot and don’t nobody have time for cold pizza.

Yet, God can have something for us and because we don’t understand it, we will exhaust ourselves with questions. We will present our dilemma to all of our family, friends and people who we deem are equally as intelligent and analytical as we are.

You may ask yourself why would God keep sending short men your way. You don’t understand, and you are convinced that God know that you love tall men. Or, you may ask yourself why does God continue to send you strong willed women. You don’t understand, and you know without a doubt that God know that you love women that you can control.

So, you spend valuable time like a hamster on its exercise wheel, you’re running a lot but going nowhere.

God has a history of commanding us to do something that doesn’t make sense. For example, when God was going to conquer the oppressing army, God told Gideon to send home almost all of his own men. This DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. Why would you attack an opposing force of tens of thousands of men with only 300 soldiers? Gideon and the 300 won.

Or, When King Saul failed in his kingly role and God sent Samuel to look for a new king. He chose the smallest, youngest, not-even-thought-of-by-his-father-Jesse for the position. This DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. People want to follow the strongest, most physically impressive warrior kings, don’t they? Yet, God looks at the heart, and David leads God people.

So, why not trust God with the purposes and plans he has for your life. You may believe, you’re not good enough, unqualified, too old, too young, too short, underweight, too poor, too mean, too quiet, too scary or whatever limitations you have allowed to keep yourself from greatness.

I just want you to know that before University of Oregon track athlete Phil Knight and his coach Bill Bowerman founded Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) in January 1964 and then change their name on May 30, 1971 to Nike and eventually coin the phrase “Just Do It!”.

God has been telling us to “Just Do It!” throughout the history of humankind. Before Jesus first miracle. His mother Mary said to His disciples, “Whatever He says to do, do it!”

So, even if you don’t understand what God is leading or telling you to do, “Just do it!”